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Unstable calls, iPhone Lock dropped dramatically: iPhone 13 Pro Max dropped dramatically

iPhones that have been software-locked to only work with that carrier’s SIM card are referred to as network-locked iPhones, also known as iPhone Lock. Due to the connected SIM and ICCID code support, iPhone Lock may function like an international device in Vietnam and offers all of its functions, including the ability to make calls, send messages, and access the network. It is possible to use iPhone Lock without a linked SIM.

But in the start of May 2022, awful news reached the Vietnamese iPhone Lock community. Apple disables ICCID, a 20-digit code that is thought to be the “key” for iPhone Lock to function. Due to this, iPhone Lock is no longer as reliable as previous foreign machines. Instead, iPhone Lock will make it necessary for the SIM to be manually paired, making it simple to lose the connection, frequently splashed on the activation screen, and challenging to enable Apple services like iMessage or FaceTime.


The camera of iPhone 14 will be upgraded


iPhone Lock has had a sharp decline in the last two months, especially for high-end models, due to unreliable operation and the quietest time of the year for the iPhone market.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max had the biggest decline. The value of a new iPhone 13 Pro Max Lock is currently only around 20 million VND, which is 7 million VND less than a genuine international machine. Prior high-end devices, such the iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max, also have a discount of 1.5–2 million dong, costing 15–9 million dong and 3–4 million less than comparable machines sold abroad, respectively.

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