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How To Quit Twitter: Just Use These Simple Tools 

Twitter and its users are having stormy days. Everything happens after a $44 million deal from Elon Musk. Afterwards, we have witnessed mass firing, resignations and so many changes in our favorite social media platform. Several Twitter users are considering moving to a new platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Reddit or TikTok. Before you decide to do it, these are a few tips that might help you decide easier. 

There are a few free tools that might help you with your consideration, thanks to the open source community. They created these tools as if these days would come! 

Source: OnlyFans

Twitter Archive Parser

This tool helps you to control and convert your archiving posts into different formats such as markdown and HTML which are friendlier to other platforms than Twitter. It also replaces Twitter shortening URLs by the original ones, making them more accessible. If you are looking for a post and message management system, this is definitely beyond expected. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing your glorious history with friends and other users. 

Twitter Archive Browser

What would you do after finishing managing, categorizing your date? You would definitely want to store it. This tool will enable you to download your data from your first Tweet to the latest ones. Other than that, your direct messages are also saved. It would be perfect before deleting your account and moving to a new platform. After all, memories are just memories. On top of that, it also deletes your embarrassing Tweets as your preference.


Taupe stands for “Twitter archive URL parser”. From your Twitter archive, this tool extracts tweets, retweets, replies, quote tweets and likes. The final results will be in a spreadsheet format that you might use in different software and platforms. It’s kind of similar to the Twitter Archive Parser, however, focuses more on the URLs.

Source: OnlyFans


Twitter Cleaner

It does exactly what its name says, cleaning everything unwanted or you don’t want to keep them in your archive. From tweets, retweets to favorites, this tool might delete them all. This is going to be one of the essential steps to say goodbye to this platform for good.

Twitter Photo Downloader 

If you are on Twitter for the beautiful pictures on this social network, the Twitter Photo Downloader is the perfect option to keep every photo you love. This open source tool filters every photo from your archive and keeps them in photo formats. Even so far it does not save gif images and videos, it is still much better than PDF files from the Twitter Archive Parser.

So then you got everything you want, it might be time to say goodbye to Elon Musk’s Twitter. Hopefully he will have chances to witness a better Twitter. 

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