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How to make videos with talking characters in cartoons

If I’m not mistaken, you’re also a cartoon buff. Don’t feel childish because there are many people out there like you and that includes me. I also love cartoons.

Cartoons can attract viewers all over the world with all ages with engaging and humorous content, accompanied by lively and attractive characters with good music and music. fun. Those things have made the audience unable to take their eyes off the screen and be drawn to the film.

Every animated movie reminds us of the memories that we have experienced when we were children.

Watching cartoons for many years, do you know why cartoons make us relieve stress and fatigue?
There are many brands like Apple, McDonalds, Nintendo, etc. understood why cartoons can help relieve fatigue and stress through a concept called nostalgic marketing, which refers to the promotion of using ideas from the past to Create animated videos.
They have been supported by many people around the world with this advertising medium.

Animated videos are a good choice for you if you also want to reach out to big names and gain attention through Nostalgic Marketing. And Animaker is the right place for you to create Animated Videos.
There are two methods to create animated videos:

1. With the available templates, how do we create Video?

You are new to video creation and have no idea for your video, then template editing will be the best choice for you. Animaker has a huge collection of pre-made templates across different categories like Video Ads, Corporate, Explainer,… for you to reference and generate ideas for your videos.

The templates in there are perfectly pre-made by design professionals, so making small changes here and there will get you a brand new video that looks great in minutes as well. It also contributes to saving you more time.

Watch this video to the end and learn how

If you want to edit a template side-by-side by following the text steps. Here are the steps to edit a template.

Step 1: Signup/Login
Step 2: Exploring the Dashboard
Step 3: Selecting the perfect template
Step 4: Editing text
Step 5: Adding/editing the Character
Step 6: Altering the Music Track
Step 7: Previewing and Downloading the Video

2. Be creative and make your own videos

For those who are new and want to save time we showed them how to create videos using pre-made templates. But if you are someone who already understands how to make videos and want to create your own video without any pattern and unleash your creativity, then you can create animated videos from scratch.

Don’t worry Animaker will help you create a video that you feel satisfied with, maybe even as beautiful as famous studios. Thanks to Animaker, creating videos without using available templates will no longer be difficult for you. And we’ll show you how to use talking characters in animated videos. Watch the full video below to learn how to create a video from scratch.

Steps needed to create a video from scratch:

Step 1: Signup/Login
Step 2: Opening a blank project
Step 3: Adding the perfect background
Step 4: Adding new characters with voice-overs
Step 5: Adding text in speech bubbles
Step 6: Adding Music Tracks
Step 7: Previewing and Downloading the Video

You do not need to create videos that do not depend on the available templates, but can create according to your interests and ideas in many different categories such as Video Ads, Social Media, Invitation,… by use Animaker’s Cool Animator.

If you want to comment or have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them below in our comment section and we will listen and answer your questions. And wish you to create good and quality videos.


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