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Best Free Video Games To Play On Consoles And PCs 

Are you planning to get a new gaming console and PC this new year? If you are a devoted gamer, it is essential to have your favorite gaming PC or console at home so that you might be entertained anytime on your own. However, the price of many games is not always reasonable and affordable for all of us. In this following post, let’s find out the best free games on these devices. 

1. Fortnite 

Source: Epic Games

Shooters such as Fortnite are always exciting and thrilling to play. It does not matter how old or what gender you are, we all love shooting! Shooting games are mostly free-to-play. However, Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the best games to play in your spare time. Originally, it was not a true shooter but a paid disaster survival game. It has become globally known after launching its free-to-play battle royale mode. There are so many game types including zero-build, team rumble, party royale and dozens more. 

2. MultiVersus 

Source: MultiVersus

MultiVersus has recently been selected as best fighting game at the Game Awards 2022. Compared to the popular Smash Bros., it is a unique and interesting fighting experience. The typical game mode is 2v2 battles in which the first team that scores four knockouts wins. The characters that you can choose to play are also various including DC Comics’ characters and other Warner Bros. characters.

3. Sims 4  

Source: EA

The iconic simulation game has always been one of the most played games in the world. There is no need to fight or shoot to entertain because the Sims series is entertaining with the most basic daily tasks: eating, exercising, flirting, sleeping,… If you are looking for a light, entertaining, fun and free game to play after long working or studying hours, Sims 4 is basically the best choice. 

4. Fall Guys 

Source: Fall Guys

It is obvious that we all like to party all day and night long! There is nothing more uplifting than a party game like Fall Guys that might easily boost your energy after a tiring day. The gameplay is simple and the visual effects are colorful, vibrant and bright that will make adults and kids feel relaxed. All you need to do is to compete against other comically costumed competitors by running, jumping, stumbling and falling. It’s very simple and everyone might play within a few minutes. This game is rather similar to Mario Party minigames yet is more fun and exciting. 

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