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Apple Is Up To Launching Its Own Search Engine 

Apple Search Engine
Apple Search Engine

Reportedly, the company is developing an online search engine in order to rival Google Search. This is also an effort to improve its own Spotlight search which is now available on Apple devices, according to The Information. 

Source: Apple

Previously, Apple did make some moves on creating a search engine of its own. In 2018, it bought Laserlike, a machine learning startup founded by three engineers who worked at Google. This company offered website recommendations based on users’ interests and browsing history. Apparently, the results have not been seen and Laserlike’s founders are already back to work at Google. The project has been left as a cliffhanger. 

Source: YouTube

Apple now owns Spotlight, Siri Suggestions and Siri. These features are all exclusive to Apple users who own the iPhone, iPad or Mac. Every year, Google has to spend almost $15 billion to Apple to be the default search engine on the devices of this company. However, if the company succeeds in developing a search engine in the future, there will be more advantages than losing $15 billion every year. Therefore, Tim Cook and his employees might invest both time and money for this project because it is such a huge deal. 

The search team is reported to include at least 200 engineers and workers. It will better the users’ experience with Spotlight, Siri Suggestions and Siri also. To replace the search giant, Apple might be spending at least 4 years to fully develop this promising service. 

Currently, Google is still the dominant name of this market. In 2022, it takes over more than 90% of search engine market share, surpassing others including Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo. Needless to say, Google has no rival at this point. The word ‘Google’ itself already means ‘to search something on the Internet’.  

Source: AppleInsider

Apple is known best for creating the best space for its users. In these recent years, it has successfully launched Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade… which are all exclusive for Apple users who have multiple devices that share a mutual environment. Therefore, there is nothing odd if once again the company successfully develops a search engine for its system. Apple users are also seen to be the most loyal in the market. They are always ready to be attached and included in everything new that this company starts. 

Originally, the first idea of Apple’s own search engine dated back to 2015. During that time, there were several search-related job listings and rumors around the launch of this service. However, it did not work out quite well until recently. 

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