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Animaker 3.0 – Future video making upgrade

8 years ago Animaker was launched to help equip startups and professionals with an in-house studio to create professional quality videos for their work. In the following years we have tried to develop Animaker more so that we can help them with more things.

We’ve transformed into a complete set of tools needed to create studio-quality videos in today’s content world with simple tools for creating professional-quality Animated videos.

We would like to introduce to you Animaker 3.0. It is made to help Businesses, Individuals and Creators create all kinds of videos without having to hire a physical studio thereby reducing their wealth in video creation. We’ve got the latest Animaker 3.0 upgrade ever and reinvented Animaker once again.
Currently we are introducing more than 20 new features and over 250 major and minor updates in the truly revolutionary App. All of these were developed by our team despite the pandemic that was hitting us.
Let’s take a look at the groundbreaking new features in Animaker 3.0.

Animaker 3.0 and changes

1. An all New App outfit:

In Animaker 3.0, the UI gets a whole new outfit. This is not just a change to the look of the application. This is a complete reconstruction of the app after doing a lot of research and getting a lot of feedback from our users.
This UI revision was made with a focus on improving the following three elements.

Here’s a clip from the launch event explaining the details of Animaker’s new outfit.

2. Universal Spilt:

Cutting out unwanted parts of the video will take a lot of your time. But now you don’t have to worry anymore because Universal Split from Animaker 3.0 is here to help you with these problems.
With Universal Split, you can capture the best moments of your video with just one click.

Even without video editing experience, all you have to do is simply set the playhead to the specific time frame your video needs to be cut and merge the other two easily.

Join us for a clip from the launch event that explains the details of Universal Split in Animaker 3.0.

3. All new Timeline:

Animaker 2.0 was created to help users create professional quality videos. To make those videos one has to have some practical experience before they can master the job.
We’ve received a lot of feedback from users to make future changes simpler. We listened to our users and converted what was needed to allow them to create videos like a pro from the start.
Things in Animaker 3.0 are much simpler but are more likely to be out for a longer time than in previous versions.

Here’s a clip from the launch event explaining the details of the all new Timeline.

4. Advanced Workspace Zoom in & out:

Another feature that a lot of our users have been asking for, is the ability to adjust the workspace to make it look larger or smaller.
Therefore, in Animaker 3.0 we’ve introduced the advanced workspace zoom feature to zoom in and zoom out of the workspace just like the way you want.

Watch a clip from the launch event explaining the enhanced zooming in and out.

5. Sound Wave Editor:

One of the major problems video creators face when adding music to a video is when the background music overwhelms the narration in the video, making it impossible for the audience to hear the presentation. This can ruin the viewer’s experience because they can’t follow the narration in the video. But without background music will make the listener feel bored, sleepy and no atmosphere in the presentation. To get the perfect volume for the voiceover and music in your videos, we’re introducing a new feature in Animaker 3.0 called ‘Sound Wave Editor’

Watch a clip from the launch event explaining the Sound Wave Editor in detail.

Not only these new features in Animaker 3.0, Animaker’s suite of products such as Animaker Voice, Animaker Deck, Picmaker, Vmaker, Show, Steve AI and Animaker iOS will give you an in-house studio to create high quality videos one at a time. comfortably browse your browser without worrying about wasting time or taking up too much space and also saving your money.
We will soon bring Animaker 3.0 to you so that everyone can experience and comment when using it. And now thank you for reading this article. If you have any suggestions, please leave them below the comment section so we can explain and edit.


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